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    Meet CSMC

    "High quality back-office service for charter schools should not break your budget. You CAN get all of the back-office services your school needs at a reasonable price. See for yourself.. NO other back-office company does what CSMC does!"

    -Sandro Lanni


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Who We Are

CSMC is the largest provider of back-office financial services to charter schools, serving over 150 schools throughout the country. Our staff has expertise in charter school development, budgeting, data systems, fiscal operations, and financial management.

Our Mission

CSMC’s mission is to remove the day-to-day operational challenges school administrators face, and empower those charter school leaders to create and lead successful and innovative charter schools.

What We Do

CSMC can free you up to guide your team toward your core mission: helping your students to thrive. Whether you are a small start-up school or a large charter management organization, CSMC can provide a level of service that best fits the needs of your school, all while fitting within your school’s budget.

Latest Blog Post
SAVE THE DATE AND KICK OFF THE NEW YEAR RIGHT! Attend the Critical Issues Charter Symposium for a Fiscal and New Laws Update for 2018. YM&C and CSMC have partnered to provide a Critical Issues Charter School Symposium covering a multitude of fiscal and legal issues for charter school developers and operators, including a not-to-miss fiscal and new laws update for 2018.

Helping your students thrive!

CSMC is committed to empowering charter schools and their leaders to create and lead successful, innovative charter schools. We have the experience, personnel and resources to make it happen. With our background in school development, budget, operations, and financial management, CSMC can free you to lead your team toward your core mission: educating your students.

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