For twenty years, charter schools have been at the forefront of the education reform movement, and the charter school model as a whole can be considered a great success. Despite the model’s success, many promising charter schools have run into issues, often on the financial management and operational side. Most charter school founders and operators are educators, not lawyers, administrators, or finance managers. CSMC was founded to support those educational experts and ease the maturity curve and growth phase for charter schools by providing them with a range of cost-effective, high-quality business services.


CSMC is the nation's premier business back-office provider to charter schools. We are committed to helping charter schools overcome the challenges they face by offering our expertise and solutions at an affordable price. Our charter school services include charter development, payroll, governance, finance, back-office, and a full range of business services. It is CSMC's mission to attack the number one cause of charter school failure, namely, poor business planning and execution. CSMC manages charter school business, so the charter school can focus on high-level student achievement through the medium of community-centered public charter schools. CSMC has more than 70 employees serving over 160 schools. While we are continually examining new opportunities to support charter school growth and outreach into other areas of the country, CSMC currently provides services in the following twelve states:

CSMC is committed to empowering charter schools and their leaders to create and lead successful, innovative charter schools, and we have the experience, personnel and resources to make it happen. With our background in school development, budget, operations, and financial management, CSMC can free you to lead your team toward your core mission: educating your students.

CSMC’s experience echoes the same personal story upon which many charter schools are founded: Sandro Lanni, CSMC’s CEO, was looking for a better school for his own children and decided to help start what was then a new concept in public schools. The leaders of this new charter school needed financial and business experience and support, so Sandro mobilized his passion for the charter school movement and assembled a team of professionals to provide charter school financial services at affordable rates.

Our innovative and experienced team is equipped to help you with all of your school back office needs. We know that offering unrivaled quality of service and outstanding value for money is not enough. We regularly deliver challenging solutions to our schools, while continuing to go the extra mile in pursuit of funding opportunities, cost savings, and innovative opportunities to help their students.

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