PowerSchool Assistance

In the increasingly complex world of education, charter schools face the significant challenge of managing data systems and school operations while trying to remain focused on educating students. One way to overcome this challenge is to partner with a technology support team that cares about the success of your school as much as you do.

CSMC provides PowerSchool solutions and support designed specifically to meet the needs of your school. In other words, our expert staff of certified PowerSchool administrators will take care of implementation, training, and on-going Help Desk support so you can direct your time and resources on what’s most important; your students. A student information system (SIS) should free up your resources, not take away from them.

CSMC’s PowerSchool assistance program gives you all the benefits of an effective SIS without the steep learning curve, high expense, and risk typically required to implement and manage such a system. Our customized support program, by providing all of these services, eliminates the cost of hiring full-time specialists, and the need for a large upfront investment for technology.

Some of the key features of CSMC’s PowerSchool assistance includes:

PowerSchool Support

PowerSchool Assistance

CSMC’s PowerSchool Support is defined by three phases:

(1) Initial Product Implementation, (2) Ongoing PowerSchool Support, and (3) Extended Services.

  • Initial Product Implementation services include all of the basic elements required to get a PowerSchool instance started and maintained throughout the year. This type of support is typically offered to schools in their first year of operation. IPI includes both district and school level setups. District-level setup includes items such as Calendar Membership Types, Entry/Exit Codes, Grade Scales, GPA Calculations, Test Scores, Special Programs, School Info, etc. School-level setup includes items such as Attendance Codes, Bell Schedules, Years and Terms, Full Time Equivalences, Attendance Conversions, etc.
  • Ongoing PowerSchool Support includes all elements covered in the Initial Product Implementation and includes a comprehensive checklist and system scan to ensure state reporting compatibility. Ongoing support is typically provided to schools that have already implemented PowerSchool and are looking to maximize their usage of the system.
  • Extended Services include all “out of the box” items such as custom HTML page development, creation of custom common core report cards, emergency data entry services, etc.

For new clients already using PowerSchool, CSMC performs a comprehensive evaluation of your system as part of the on-boarding process. Our support staff thoroughly checks every major component of your system setup to ensure it is functioning at the optimal level. PowerSchool houses the data used for longitudinal reporting required for state and district funding, making the 40-point inspection an essential service that we provide our clients as part of our inclusive support package.

Help Desk

CSMC provides on-going support through our Help Desk. Our dedicated support staff is available to answer all PowerSchool and compliance-related questions via phone, email, and web. Our Help Desk staff knows your school and its setup and is able to help resolve a variety of issues that come up. The CSMC Help Desk is available to support anyone at your school providing specialized service across the entire spectrum of your organization. We are always just a phone call or email away. We believe the key to success with any student information system is having the right support staff by your side.

Administrator & Teacher Trainings

To ensure your school success, CSMC offers on-site administrative and teacher trainings led by our PowerSchool experts throughout the year. We customize trainings to target your school needs.

Remote Assistance

CSMC provides remote assistance via GoToMeeting sessions to diagnose issues, demonstrate functions, and provide one on one trainings. It’s live, it’s direct, and you get the powerschool assistance you need when you want it.

SIS Conversions

CSMC observed that several of its clients did not have a positive experience setting up and implementing their student information system (SIS). For some, the lack of technology personnel and training was the problem. For others, it was trying to make a district-level system work for a charter school. With CSMC’s implementation services, we can guarantee a smooth and complete set-up of your SIS to put you in a position for success throughout the year.

PowerSchool is the fastest-growing and most widely used web-based student information system supporting more than 10 million students across the world. If you are interested in switching over to PowerSchool from a different student information system, CSMC can handle the data conversion ensuring that no student information is lost during the process. We make the process of upgrading systems simple and efficient, saving our clients time and cost.

PowerSchool Hosting

With CSMC’s PowerSchool Hosting solution, you have the security of knowing your data is being housed on dedicated and enterprise class servers. This includes daily backups of your data, regular software and server maintenance, and automatic updates to the latest version of PowerSchool.

Third Party Integration

Have a third party application you’d like to integrate with PowerSchool? CSMC has the expertise and experience integrating all sorts of PowerSchool compatible applications from automated messaging and notification systems to lunch/fee management systems.

Custom Reports for PowerSchool

Having trouble finding the perfect report in PowerSchool that fits your school’s needs? We can help build the reports that you need to be successful with running your school! PowerSchool stores a wide variety of data related to your school. Figuring out where all of your data is stored and retrieving it into a custom report can be very difficult for the typical school staff member.

Common Core Report Cards

With the advent of Common Core being implemented throughout the US, our team has created its very own Common Core Report Card template. We also have the ability to fully synchronize your PowerSchool Gradebook to be aligned with Common Core Standards. We want to ease your transition as much as possible from CA-Based Standards to Common Core. Questions? Click here.

Helen Bendoyro
Helen Bendoyro
Registrar, Clayton Valley Charter High School
“The CSMC team have made my job so much easier! They are extremely helpful, courteous, patient, and quick to respond to my questions. They make me feel like I am their only customer! But the best part is that: THEY MAKE ME LOOK GOOD!!! When a clerical staff member, teacher, or administrator, has a PS question they come straight to me, and most of the time I go straight to your help desk, I have the answer the same day, 100% of the time! Very, very, impressive and I’m extremely grateful. “