STN Overview

In 1999, the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation that allowed the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) to begin tracking individual student progress through Indiana’s Student Test Number (STN) system. The Department implemented the STN system statewide in 2002 following a pilot project.

In 2003, the General Assembly passed additional legislation that instructed the Department to begin using a new method for calculating high school graduation rates, making Indiana among the first states in the nation to calculate graduation rates based on student-level information.

In 2012, the State Board of Education gave final approval of new methodology for determining school and corporation category designations (A-F grades) based on student performance.

Data Collected

Today, data collected on students, employees and schools are used for state and federal reporting and collected via the STN Application Center or DOE-Online by the Indiana Department of Education. With each passing year, your STN data is becoming more and more critical to funding, accountability, and assessment functions. The necessity of submitting accurate data to IDOE is vital to the success of your school.

STN Services Offered

  • STN Indiana Preparation and submission of the 50+ STN collections for charter schools.
  • Preparation and submission of all “monetary” data collections for school funding, such as student enrollment, special education services and textbook reimbursement.
  • Preparation and submission of all “general” data collections for student and staff data, such as attendance records, course completion, and employee certification.
  • Preparation and submission of all “service” data collections to facilitate free/reduced lunch programs and generate student testing labels for ISTEP, ISTAR, IMAST, ECA, and LAS Links.
  • Correction of all submission errors and posting of each extract per data collection.
  • Resolution of STN conflicts (concurrent enrollments) and data discrepancies for all collections.
  • Train schools on best practices to become more efficient with their data entry efforts

There are over 100 data entry points within a Student Information System that are required for the various submissions in the STN App Center.

CSMC assists you through the entire STN process from extracting your files, uploading your data, and correcting all submission errors for you. With CSMC you won’t need to hire a full time staff member to do STN reporting all day. Let us take it off your plate!