Charter Vision Academy

When starting a charter school, you need effective training and support to launch an excellent school. But it is challenging to find the time and money to attend live workshops and trainings. Charter schools are meant to be innovative and the training to start a charter school should be no different. That’s why CSMC is bringing you the nation’s first on-demand charter petition training program.

Charter Vision Academy

On-Demand Charter Development Training Videos

Charter Vision Academy provides charter school development in a convenient and affordable online environment, and provides your team with several resources and benefits. Trainings are web-based and available to you anywhere in the world with Internet access. Charter Vision Academy’s 24/7 access means you can participate in the school development training at your pace, without interfering with your work or family schedule. Watch, stop, rewind, replay, come back tomorrow….. It’s all available with CSMC’s Charter Vision Academy.

Our custom video presentations range from 30-60 minutes long and take you through the relevant petition information, background, and context that every charter school developer needs to know.

  • Meeting state legal requirements
  • Presenting your educational program
  • Presenting how you plan to address the needs of various student populations
  • Creating and measuring school and student outcomes
  • Governance structure and best practices
  • School outreach and admissions
  • School Finance 101

Downloadable Templates & Sample Language

CSMC has compiled a tremendous database of resources; templates, handbooks, sample language, guides and so much more for your reference. Launching your school based on the best practices and experience of numerous successful programs is an ideal way to help ensure early academic and operational success. With each training video, corresponding resources are available for download and review.

CSMC’s charter petition training covers all the aspects of launching a high quality charter school.

  • Fundamental Basics of Charter School Development
  • Building your Founding Team
  • Educational Program Breakdown
  • Training in all various Elements of the petition
  • Budget Development
  • Facility Planning
  • Community Outreach
  • Food Services, and much more!

Full Budget Development

We collaborate with your school leadership team to create an operating budget for the school covering all revenues the school should expect to receive.

  • School start-up budget
  • Annual operating budget projection
  • Full breakdown of projected expenses
  • Cash flow statement for all proposed years
  • Budget narrative to include in petition
  • Easy to follow spreadsheets
School Development

As a part of participation in Charter Vision Academy, CSMC prepares all the necessary financial statements for new charter school submission. This includes the annual budget, cost and revenue assumptions, cash-flow statements and more. To learn more about CSMC’s school budget development support, click here.

For more information, email our School Development Team.