Growth & Training

The maturity and development of an existing charter school is one of the most difficult areas to plan for and execute. Many charter school leaders can get “caught in the weeds” of the day to day operation of the school, that they rarely get a chance to move from “working in the organization” to ‘working on the organization’.

Some of the greatest growth and development challenges that CSMC clients have identified are:

  • Preparing for your charter school’s renewal
  • Planning & executing a replication of your school
  • Executing the expansion of your school to include new grades
  • Board training & Board professional development
  • Leading the strategic planning and business plan process

With over 14 years of supporting the planning, growth, and success of charter schools across the country, CSMC can help your team build on current successes, and also overcome internal and external barriers to success. Call today to see discuss what type of support is best suited for your school.

Charter School Growth & Training

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