Our Expertise

This is just a small list of the many services that CSMC provides to charter schools throughout the country.

Back-Office Services

CSMC is the leading national expert in charter school back-office financial services. Some of the many back-office services available are:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Projections
  • Long Term Strategic Financial Planning
  • Authorizer Negotiations
  • Payroll, Taxes, & Accrued Benefit Maintenance
  • Staff Retirement System Reporting

School Development Support

When starting a charter school, you need effective training and support to launch an excellent school. But it is challenging to find the time and money to attend live workshops and trainings. Charter schools are meant to be innovative and the training to start a charter school should be no different. CSMC offers the nation’s first on-demand charter petition training program. School development training includes:

  • Meeting state legal requirements
  • Presenting your educational program
  • Presenting how you plan to address the needs of various student populations
  • Creating and measuring school and student outcomes
  • Governance structure and best practices
  • School outreach and admissions
  • School Finance 101

Technology Services

In the increasingly complex world of education, charter schools face the significant challenge of managing data systems and school operations while trying to remain focused on educating students. One way to overcome this challenge is to partner with a technology support team that cares about the success of your school as much as you do. Let CSMC be your partner in developing a robust and easy-to-use Student Information System and Data Assessment System.

Compliance Reporting

CSMC’s experts can work with you to put together a well-configured system to guard your reports against errors. CSMC performs regular diagnostics to catch any potential problems as soon as possible, ensuring the accuracy of those Attendance and Enrollment reports — all-important to school funding.

With CSMC, you’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline, fulfilling data requests, or feeling alone in the compliance reporting of your school.

Budget Development Support

  • School start-up budget
  • Annual operating budget projection
  • Full breakdown of projected expenses
  • Cash flow statement for all proposed years
  • Budget narrative to include in petition
  • Easy-to-follow spreadsheets

Charter Renewal and Replication Support

The charter school renewal and replication process is similar to the initial charter school petition process, but there can be substantial differences. Renewal or new school applications must meet the same legal requirements and cover all the required elements of a charter petition, but in addition to that, they must include all new criteria that may have been recently added and not addressed in the previous petition application. Let CSMC help guide your school through a smooth and successful charter renewal or school replication.

Human Resources

Regardless of the size of your school, making the most of your human resources is imperative to the success of your charter school. CSMC optimizes human resources services for charter schools and Charter Management Organizations to help ensure they run smoothly and to ensure each charter school is effectively supporting their employees.