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Are you having trouble writing your LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan)? Not sure where to start? When it comes to writing your LCAP and tracking your progress we know it can be rather difficult. That is why with Charter Vision’s LCAP Module you will go from 0-to LCAP guru. This module not only allows you to write and develop your LCAP, it also allows you to track your LCAP expenses all in one place. This state of the art integration gives you the LCAP Support that your school not only wants but needs. The LCAP tracking tool takes the rigorous process of manually tracking your LCAP expenses and transforms it into a doable time-saving process. No more printing a +500 page General Ledger and manually tagging each expense to your LCAP. Ensure that your school meets the state standards by creating a comprehensive LCAP that aligns with your charter petition and budget.

LCAP Planning Tool

LCAP Planning Tool

Write and develop your LCAP step by step directly into a state embedded template that can be exported.

SAVE TIME! Enables annual update and reflection and three-year plan roll over.

Guided data entry process assists in entering all information required by the CDE Template. User friendly and intuitive so you can create, edit, and save your LCAP.

Capability of carrying LCAP plans forward or writing future year plans now. Auto output of LCAP report in CDE LCAP format.

No limit to the number of goals, actions, and services you include.

LCAP Expense Tracking

LCAP Expense Tracking

Integrates with your school's financial software allowing you to track expenses directly from your GL.

Tied directly to your budget’s general ledger, this tool allows you to track your LCAP expenditures and align them to specific goals, actions, and services in real time.

Intuitive filtering simplifies the search for transactions.

Enables you to show progress toward expenditure your expenditure goals throughout the year

Auto production of LCAP Expense Summary Report for auditors, authorizer, and stakeholders.

Ensure your LCAP is compliant and includes relevant and strategic information that goes beyond basic requirements.

Here are some of the module key features:


  • Tell your school's story
  • Highlight key features of your LCAP
  • Showcase your greatest progress
  • Identify your greatest needs
  • Identify performance gaps
  • Identify Increased or Improved Services

Annual Update

  • Give a detailed account of your previous LCAP and showcase the progress you have made
  • Easily identify improvement areas and areas that require your attention
  • With the LCAP Expense Report easily identify the amount of funds that were spent on each item of your LCAP.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Easily highlight how you involved your stakeholders and give a narrative of how you kept them involved with the LCAP process
  • Easily identify how your stakeholders impacted your LCAP

Goal Planning

  • Give a detailed account of your current LCAP goals and actions
  • Assign budget reference to each action
  • Set measurable goals
  • Modify goals and actions to achieve your targeted metrics
  • Ensure accountability

Unduplicated Pupil Services

  • Identify the amount of funds that are being used for these services
  • Clearly define how you will provide for unduplicated pupils and how these services have increased or improved

Don't hesitate to contact a member of the LCAP Support team!

We have several solutions that are sure to meet your organization's size and budget. For more information on how CSMC and Charter Vision can help you contact us today. Remember the LCAP is directly tied to LCFF funding and having a concise LCAP is crucial.

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