Financial Dashboard

Charter Vision is CSMC’s easy-to-use online portal giving each school 24/7 access to their financial standing and reports. From cash on hand, revenue year to date, and monthly expenditures, every financial report needed to lead a cutting edge charter school is available at the tip of your fingers. This portal is avialable to all CSMC's back-office clients.

Key Features

Real Time Financial Report Access

Get 24/7 access to your school’s vital financial reports in real time. Track accounts receivable and payable, view paid invoices, revenue and expenses by category, cash flow projection and more.

Compliance Calendar

Never miss a state reporting deadline again! On CSMC’s Compliance Calendar, you can view your charter school’s annual state and federal reporting calendar, with linked information for greater detail, assignment of duties, and stored documents for evidence of submission.


Don’t have time to log in to Charter Vision? Simply want reports delivered to your e-mail box at a time you choose? With Charter Vision, you can set up subscriptions to have all Charter Vision reports delivered to your email inbox as often as you would like.

Customizable Home Page

You can now customize the home page in a way that works for your specific interest. Interested in Expenses Year to Date? Choose the Expenses Year To Date tile for your home screen. From Revenue to Budget to Projected Net Income, mix and match the financial tiles to fit your needs.

Fiscal Transparency Like No Other

Charter Vision is not just for your school leader or business manager; all key stakeholders can get up-to-date access to your school’s financial data. Charter Vision is free to CSMC clients, so key staff members, board members, auditors, or anyone you decide can each have their own unique login.

Financial Tiles

Static home page charts are now replaced with dynamic financial tiles. A tile is a chart or visual representation of data, which the end user can control. In other words, you get to display the data you would like to see. Simply move your mouse over the various pieces of the charts, and you will get instant details.