Student Data Dashboard

When you utilize CSMC as your PowerSchool and Student Information Support provider, you gain access to our state of the art Charter Vision PowerSchool Dashboard. Get real- time access to all of the utmost vital attendance and demographic information for your school. Navigating through PowerSchool and finding the information you need is not always easy and can be time consuming with Charter Vision you find the information you need quickly saving you time and money.

PowerSchool : Student Data Dashboard

Attendance Dashboard

Identify chronic absenteeism and tardiness so you can quickly identify problem students and intervene to improve that student's education plan and reduce loss of federal funding!

Frequently Absent Students

View a list of frequently absent students and their current present rate.

Attendance/ Enrollment

View a day-by-day enrollment and attendance over time.

Year-to-Date ADA

View an Average Daily Attendance percentage since the beginning of the fiscal year.

Demographic Dashboard

Get real-time demographic data, ensure you are preparing your students for the real-world by creating a diverse learning environment.

Student Population Map

View a map that displays where your students reside with a heat map and markers.

*Does not display student's demographics

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

View your school's enrollment by race/ethnicity for your entire school.

Enrollment by Grade Level

Easily view your current enrollment by grade level and gender.