About CSMC

At CSMC, we are a team that cares about helping schools succeed

As a strategic and trusted thought partner, we provide comprehensive finance, accounting, compliance, and academic data support services in a wraparound approach.

Our Mission

To support and empower education leaders so they can create and lead innovative and high-quality schools

It is CSMC’s mission to attack the number one cause of school failure, namely, poor business planning and execution.

CSMC manages school business, so the school can focus on high-level student achievement through the medium of community-centered schools.

Our Story

We understand the challenges that charter schools face because our story is the same.

CSMC President, Sandro Lanni, was searching for a better school for his children, unsatisfied with his options he decided to start a charter school.

He quickly realized that charter schools needed financial and business support that he did not have. He used his professional experience to launch an organization that provides expert back-office support services at affordable rates with input from education leaders he met along the way.

Partner with us to overcome the challenges of running a charter school and focus on providing the best education for your students.

Our Service Offerings

At CSMC, we believe that success comes from working together. That’s why we assign a team of experts with diverse skill sets and disciplines to each of our client partners. 

Our accounting and financial support services are designed to help your school achieve financial stability and success.

Our payroll services are designed to make your school’s payroll tasks easy and accurate.

Our student data management services help you keep your student data organized and up to date.

Our consulting services provide expert advice and guidance to help your school succeed.

Trusted by:

“CSMC has been with ABLE from the start. We could never have weathered our budgets and growth (35 high school students in 2011 to 1,200 tk-12 students currently) and all the challenges we’ve faced without CSMC.”

Clem Lee, Superintendent

ABLE Charter Schools

“CSMC has provided us with excellent financial planning advice and projections that have allowed us to accurately plan to meet the needs of our students.”

Karina Barger

Bay View Academy

“The service we receive for Julian Charter School is truly tied to the amazing reporting and level of detail with our CSMC support staff. They are amazing and able to take complicated information and present it is such an easy-to-understand format.”

Tanya Rogers

Julian Charter School