Budget Development

Charter schools enjoy fiscal autonomy giving them greater ability to manage their operations, budget and growth strategy. Charter school leaders get to decide where to best spend their money, from hiring the right people, to renovating current facilities, to investing in the newest education technology for the classroom.

It is absolutely critical that charter school leaders understand the principles of sound financial management and designate time and resources for the implementation and monitoring of their fiscal practices.

With over 14 years of school budget support, CSMC can prepare all of the necessary financial statements for your charter school

Finance Academy

CSMC’s budget development support process includes:

The majority of all charter school closures have been due to poor fiscal planning and management. Charter school budgeting and financial management is not an area that new school leaders should not attempt to do all on their own. Let CSMC’s expert staff allow you and your team to focus on developing an amazing charter school with a sound curriculum and highly effective instructional strategies.

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