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Charter School Financial Services


Charter school bookkeeping can be a very tedious and difficult endeavor. Every detail must be meticulously accounted for and our staff bookkeepers and charter school financial experts have the experience to help your school with all of your financial needs, from creating sustainable budgets to assisting with annual oversight and audits. This is just a short list of the many back-office financial and operational services CSMC can provide to your charter school.

Over 6,000 K-12 students

enrolled into CSMC supported schools that range from 60 to over 400 students.

Over 7,000 school employees

receive payroll and benefit support through CSMC in schools ranging from 8 to over 450 employees with budgets ranging from $1 million to over $43 million.


Accurate bookkeeping is the backbone of your fiscal health. Our team will ensure that all financial transactions are accurate and reconciled, enabling you to stay on top of your numbers and make wise spending decisions for the benefit of your students and staff.

Enterprise Level Accounting Software
Board Meeting Reports
Revenue & Expense Projections
Fiscal Training

Accounts Payable / Receivable

Proper attention and management of your school’s accounts receivable is vital to making sure that your school maximizes every dollar for which it is eligible. 

For your school’s accounts payable, CSMC creates a process and solution that works best for your school to maximize efficiency and transparency and be in line with your financial policy protocols.

Strict Monitoring of All Eligible Receivables, including restricted accounts
Processing, verifying, & approving submissions for all vendor payables

Payroll Services

Every member of your team works hard, and compensating them correctly and on time, every time, is an important task. We know that payroll is about more than running checks, and with years of experience working with many payroll companies, we will make sure that this job gets done right, THE FIRST TIME.

Tax Filings
Benefits Management
State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)
Leave Accrual Tracking
Time and Attendance Including Custom Coding (Affordable Care Act Compliant)
Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) and 403b Reporting

Budgeting and cash flow projections

Our knowledgeable team of budget experts can help you anticipate the needs of your school and set realistic and manageable annual and five-year budgets that will make the most of your limited resources and help you accomplish your goals.

Multiple budget revisions
Budget as a network of schools or individual site

Long Term Strategic Financial Planning

If your school has a vision of growth for locations, grades served or to save for that ideal facility, CSMC can help your school create the plan that can make your fiscal aspirations come true in the most responsible and quickest manner possible.

Facility Planning
Long Term Benefit Planning

Compensation & Bonus Analysis

Our team can conduct complete assessments of your compensation strategies, including salaries, benefits packages, and bonuses for school leaders or for any or all staff members.

Executive compensations analysis
Teacher salary comparison with comparable schools

Authorizer Compliance and Reporting

In return for your autonomy as a charter school, you are accountable for a variety of required reports to your authorizer designed to ensure compliance with all regulations well as your charter. We can help you sort out the many deadlines and reports for which you are responsible so that you can remain in good standing.

Special authorizer fiscal reporting
Authorizer negotiations and meetings

Audit Preparation

To avoid an unnecessarily stressful summer, we will prepare you for your audit throughout the year. With the help of our CSMC staff, you will be better positioned for your annual audit, which will result in meeting all state requirements and minimizing the likelihood for any errors and corrections required.

Continuous support throughout the year to assure regulatory compliance
Recommendations for operational policy or procedural change to align with all laws

International School of Monterey

“Along the way, CSMC has solicited our feedback both informally and formally, and they have clearly listed and responded to our needs and wants. This reflects the company’s strong commitment to continuous improvement.

In our five and a half years with CSMC we have seen them steadily expand services, add quality staff, and refine processes through multiple iterations.”

– Sean Madden, Director