The EOY submission window opens on May 13, 2019 and will close on August 30, 2019. This is the final deadline, there will be no amendment window for revisions. It is important that LEAs start submitting data as soon as the submission window opens to allow time to review Aggregate and Supplemental Reports and to allow time to make revisions if needed before the final deadline.

Starting with this year’s EOY submission, LEAs must report ALL incidents for ALL students regardless if it results in a disciplinary action of suspension or expulsion. In other words, incidents that do not result in a suspension or expulsion still need to be reported to CALPADS for ALL students. If you do not know if an incident should be reported under the action code of 300, please click here for a list that includes but is not limited to other means of corrections. What data must be reported to CALPADS for these incidents? Click here for a list of items that must be reported with every incident. In addition to these items, you must also provide the following data for students with disabilities.