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Charter School Renewal

The charter school renewal process is similar to the initial charter school petition. It has the same legal requirements and covers all required elements of a charter petition with a few key differences. It also includes renewal criteria demonstrating school progress and success, including state API data. With requirements changing, you may need to address requirements missing from your petitions that we not previously required.

With almost 150 charter schools supported across the country, CSMC has participated through numerous charter school petition renewals with clients and their authorizer.

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CSMC’s Charter School Renewal Support can support your school with:

  • Review current petition and evaluate stated goals
  • Evaluate current academic and operational performance
  • Assess the latest school petition to determine if it complies with new applicable regulations
  • Recommend new or revised language that will allow more operational flexibility and compliance
  • Generate all necessary financial statements and budget projections
  • Provide charter petition advocacy and authorizer negotiation when necessary