Powerful tools, that work together .

Your workflow, your choice

Go from 0 to operational guru. Charter Vision allows you to work clutter-free and look at what matters to your schools specific needs!

Find information quickly

With the multitude of reports available, you are able to pinpoint the data that you are looking for, quickly and efficiently.

Document Repository

Charter Vision provides a Document Repository that allows you to add your own files and view important files CSMC has uploaded.

Financial Integrations

Gain Fiscal Transparency like no other! Track accounts receivable and payables, monitor revenue and expenses by category, view paid invoices, cash flow projections and more!

Student Data Integrations

See how excessive absenteeism is effecting your budget. View frequently absent students, student demographic totals, LCFF and Special Program eligible totals.


Never miss a payroll again with automated Payroll time-sheet alerts. This secure portal will give approved users access to Payroll Registers, Tax Files, and Hire Packets.

Achievement Module

This standalone module is available to all schools located in California. If you are not a CSMC client and are interested please reach out to a member of our team.

SBAC Public Results

My School Performance

View a side by side comparison of your school’s performance vs other schools!

My Ranking vs State

View your school ranking vs other schools such as state, district, or county.

Performance by Claim

Easily identify performance growth in CLAIM areas per grade level!.

Individual Student Results

Intervention Tiles

Identify students who have the potential to move up or down a performance level.

Returning Students

View the ELA and Math progress of your returning students.

Student Details

Easily view your students academic progression.