Marketing Support

CSMC understands that one of the biggest challenges of opening and growing a successful charter school, is marketing the school and recruiting students. Most charter school leaders are not experts in marketing or graphic design, so CSMC has worked to create an almost turn-key marketing and outreach solution for your school.

CSMC has worked with charter school leaders and professional graphic designers to create a collection of templates and guides ready to be rolled out for your school.

CSMC Marketing Example

A professional and customized marketing campaign is only days away with CSMC Marketing. We have partnered with experienced graphic artists who can customize your desired collateral piece, and at a very competitive rate. No need to buy dozens of expensive stock images or go back and forth with a graphic artist who doesn’t understand the needs of a charter school. Flyers and marketing that is perfect for your school is just days away.

CSMC has also negotiated discounts rates on printing for our clients’ schools.