Marketing 101: Grow Enrollment

Marketing 101: Grow Enrollment

We know how important it is to obtain our goals of growing enrollment in our schools consecutively each year. That’s why we have the ultimate tips and tricks that can help!

First things first… It’s important to properly market.

  • Create a one-page description about your school to display on your website. Evaluate what differentiates your school from competitors, what services and programs your school offers that makes it unique, and how you meet each student’s individual needs.
  • Maintain an active online presence, whether it be your website or social media. Make sure descriptions of your school on the web best reflect your school’s mission and be sure to keep information up to date. Cultivating an active online presence enhances accessibility, builds relationships and consumer trust, and can easily show you what works–and what doesn’t.

Focus on targeting students in transition years, in others words, students going from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school.

  • To target your specific market, share information about your school to transition year students, parents, and teachers and invest time in maintaining these relationships.
  • Hold events for students at your school, and theirs, to provide them the opportunity to visit and experience your school with their parents.
  • Email recruitment letters to prospective students, and also review lists of students who are enrolled in schools within the same geographic proximity. Don’t forget to follow up!