New School Development & Charter Renewal Support

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School Development Support from CSMC

To successfully launch a school, you need quality training, mentoring, and a strong team behind you. Anyone who has started this journey knows that it is challenging to find the time and money to attend live workshops and training; especially when faced with busy schedules, shrinking budgets, rising travel costs, and tough economic times. CSMC is helping to break down the barriers between excellent educators and their dream of opening a high-quality charter school.

That’s why for the past 20 years, CSMC has partnered with teachers, school & community leaders, and others to start schools. Our School Development team has supported the launch of dozens of schools. CSMC’s experienced School Development team provides your school startup team with the expertise, training, and resources to turn your vision into an approvable charter petition, and then helps with the operational startup of the school.

Over 6,000 K-12 students

enrolled into CSMC supported schools.

Over 7,000 school employees

receive payroll and benefit support through CSMC.

Thousands of training hours

offered at school sites, regional meetings, conferences, and for state associations.

Charter School Budget Support

We collaborate with your school leadership team to create a planning, startup and operating budget for the school. 

School Start-up Budget
5 Year Operating Budget Projection
Full Breakdown of Projected Expenses
Cash Flow Statement for All 5 Years
Budget Narrative to Include in Petition
Easy to Follow Spreadsheets

Why reinvent the wheel?

Templates & Sample Language

Over the past 20 years since charter schools first started, school leaders have developed numerous operational, fiscal, and academic best practices.

Articles of Incorporation
Service Plans for Special Students Population
Suspension and Expulsion Policies
Authorizer Memoranda of Understanding
Admissions Policies
Corporate By-laws

Academy of Media Arts

“As a new charter developer with an entrepreneurial background, it was extraordinarily difficult to fit in a specific category within education. 

CSMC’s team of professionals with various expertise in finance, facilities, and grant writing played a significant role in the Academy of Media Arts receiving an approved charter petition by the Los Angeles Unified School District. 

CSMC has a talented group of out of the box thinkers who will ensure your organization keeps its doors open by staying in compliance with your authorizer and Federal guidelines.”

–  Dana Hammond