Leading The Way In The Charter School Movement For Over 25 Years

CSMC’s history echoes the same personal story from which many charter schools are founded. CSMC President Sandro Lanni was searching for a better school for his children and decided to start a charter school, which at the time was a new concept. Sandro quickly realized that leaders of this new school needed a few things:

Sandro then utilized his professional experience and passion for the charter school movement and launched an organization that would provide financial services at affordable rates for charter schools.


Our Company History

2001 - Establishment of Company

CSMC becomes the first charter school back-office firm in the country. Initial serving schools in the greater Los Angeles area.

2010 - Charter Vision is Created

CSMC creates the first and most comprehensive financial and student data portal in the industry. Charter Vision gives schools and CMO leaders real-time financial, compliance and student data information, with no special software to download.

2011 - Services Are Expanded Across Multiple States

CSMC begins serving schools outside of California. CSMC currently supports 230 schools in ten states across the country.

2012 - Charter Vision Offers Compliance Section

CSMC creates a Compliance Module in Charter Vision. A compliance calendar and newsletter accompany the Compliance Module allowing CSMC to work with school leaders collaboratively. Ensuring all compliance deadlines and requirements are well planned for and met.

2016 - LCAP and Student Achievement Support

CSMC adds an intuitive LCAP and Student Achievement Modules to Charter Vision.

2018 - The Year of Growth and Change

As we move into the 25th year of the California Charter School movement, CSMC’s progressive approach can deliver schools the out of the box solutions that they want. CSMC will never cease to go the extra mile in pursuit of funding opportunities, cost savings, and time-saving solutions.