Replication & Growth

As the charter school movement grows and matures, a key challenge is achieving scale while sustaining quality. The growing number of students on charter school wait-lists is evidence that the demand for quality charter schools vastly exceeds supply. One approach to meeting this demand for more high quality charter schools is through the replication of an existing successful program.

Yet replication is not easy. Replicating presents distinct operational and policy hurdles that can hamper the success of the newly opened school. But whether expanding your program within your city, other areas of the state, or opening up in an entirely new state, CSMC can help your organization with its growth planning and replication strategies. As the largest back-office support provider in the country, CSMC has supported the growth of our clients in their expansions from a single site, to operating numerous sites serving thousands of students.

  • Doing a regional and state analysis of charter school availability, demand, and potential interest for your program
  • Creating financial scenarios and statements to evaluate the fiscal possibility and impact of a new school
  • Training of charter school board members on opportunities and challenges of additional school sites
  • New charter petition and budget support
  • Analysis and evaluation of various district or state applicable laws for the new charter school