SB 740 Charter School Facility Grant Program Application

The SB 740 Charter School Facility Grant Program application for 2019-20 is now available and is due June 3rd. Additionally for current awardees, the Final Expenditures report for 2018-19 is likely due on the same date though the state has not officially confirmed this. Only site-based charter schools are eligible and the school must have at least 55% free and reduced priced meals (FRPM) students OR be located in an elementary school attendance area with 55% FRPM, and renting facilities from a private party (i.e. not district owned). The funding is paid on a reimbursement basis, and reimbursement is the lesser of approximately $1,147 per P-2 ADA or 75 percent of the facilities expenses.

Note that the final reimbursement report is generally due by July 15 following the school year for any additional expenses related to maintenance or installations, repairs, janitorial, or utilities of the facility. All new rental agreements are now subject to a required appraisal. A new lease would include a new agreement for an existing facility when the prior lease has expired. Invoice submissions must comply with Program’s Conflict of Interest provisions. Note also that the charter school must certify that there are no conflicts of interest between the school and its vendors. Lastly, if the school has a multi-year rental agreement with escalating rent costs per year, the program will limit the increased costs to be based upon the lesser of the appraisal or a COLA cap. The COLA cap for 18-19 was 2.71%.