Back-Office Financial Services

Many charter school leaders do not realize the depth and complexity involved in running a charter school. For most charter schools throughout the country, using a back-office provider is the most cost-effective way to meet the financial and operational needs of your school.

High quality back-office service for charter schools should not break your budget. You CAN get all of the back-office services your school needs at a reasonable price. See for yourself.. NO other back-office company does what CSMC does!

- Sandro Lanni : CSMC CEO

Utilizing an experienced back-office provider can help you focus on the most vital academic areas of your charter school and provide you with several operational benefits such as:

  • Having direct access to charter school financial experts
  • Increasing your school’s overall bandwidth to provide services to your staff and parents
  • Lowering your overall operating and staffing costs
  • Maintaining full decision-making control at your school site
  • Ensuring accuracy in your charter school’s data and compliance reporting

Charter school authorizers and state agencies place enormous pressure on schools to maintain accurate books, payroll records, and compliance and assessment data reports. Using an experienced back-office provider like CSMC can allow you to focus on your main priorities: your students and your educational program.

Here is a shortlist of the many back-office, financial and operation services CSMC can provide to your charter school.

For your school’s accounts payable and receivables, CSMC creates a process and solution that works best for your school to maximize efficiency and transparency and be inline with your financial policy protocols.

  • Strict monitoring of all eligible receivables, including restricted accounts
  • Processing, verifying, & approving submissions for all vendor Payable

With the help of our CSMC staff, you will be better positioned for your annual audit, which will result in meeting all state requirements and minimizing the likelihood of any errors and corrections required.

  • Continuous Support throughout Year to Assure Regulatory Compliance
  • Recommendations for Operational Policy or Procedural Change to Align with All Laws

CSMC can help you sort out the many deadlines and reports for which you are responsible so that you remain in good standing with your Authorizer.

  • Special Authorizer fiscal reporting
  • Authorizer negotiations and meetings

Our team will ensure that all financial transactions are accurate and reconciled, enabling you to stay on top of your numbers and make wise spending decisions.

  • Enterprise-level accounting software
  • Board meeting reports
  • Revenue & expenses projections
  • Fiscal training

Our knowledgeable team of budget experts can help you anticipate the needs of your school and set realistic and manageable annual and five-year budgets that will make the most of your limited resources and help you accomplish your goals.

  • Multiple Budget Revisions
  • Budget as a Network of Schools or Individual Site

If your school has a vision of growth for locations, grades served, or to save for that ideal facility, CSMC can help your school create a plan that can make your fiscal aspirations come true in the most responsible and quickest manner possible.

  • Facility planning
  • Long term benefit planning