CSMC Consulting Services

An expansion of the core financial/back-office services.

Designed to support members of the charter community.

Let's turn challenges to opportunities! Here is a list of our services.

General Compliance

Foundational board policies required for public schools, website review, and ensuring there are compliant processes/procedures in place to meet the standards for state and federal funding.

Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) & Program Compliance Support

Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) is an intensive review of the operator’s use of federal funds and requires extensive preparation starting when the schools are identified annually in March by the California Department of Education (CDE).

The focus of this work will be on compliance with the requirements in the CDE review instruments and best practices in preparing the board, school site, and the use of federal/state funds.

Charter Oversight & AB130 Enhanced Services

For LEAs who fall within the 2-year automatic extension granted under AB130, the services will include monitoring authorizer relations, support with expected increased reporting requirements related to oversight.

The scope of specialized services can be tailored to the needs of the LEA.

Title I

Provide guidance on the required elements for a SWP including formation of the School Site Council (SSC) and District/English Learner Advisory Committee (D/ELAC)*

Annual review of current program for compliance with CDE compensatory education program review instrument.

Provide guidance/framework for establishing a compliant TAS program 

Annual review of current program for compliance with CDE compensatory education program review instrument.

Governance & Stakeholder Engagement

Retreat facilitation, strategic guidance/calendar and agenda planning, wide range of training including Brown Act, understanding student achievement data for strategic planning, evaluation of executive leadership, federal requirements for School Site Council (SSC) and District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC).

Professional Expert Support Hours

The professional expert support hours are packaged in 10-hour “blocks”. These hours are to be applied toward problem-solving and strategic planning.

These hours may not be applied towards any of the specific enhanced services listed above but may be used to provide guidance/support to clients in their completion of accountability plans and other strategic programming requirements.