CSMC Consulting Services

An expansion of CSMC's core financial back-office services.

Designed to support members of the charter community. 

Let's turn challenges to opportunities!

General Compliance

Foundational board policies required for public schools, website review, and ensuring there are compliant processes/procedures in place to meet the standards for state and federal funding.

Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) & Program Compliance Support

Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) is an intensive review of the operator’s use of federal funds and requires extensive preparation starting when the schools are identified annually in March by the California Department of Education (CDE).

The focus of this work will be on compliance with the requirements in the CDE review instruments and best practices in preparing the board, school site, and the use of federal/state funds.

LCAP/Federal Addendum Development Support

Conduct a review of current LCAP for progress on goals, actions, and metrics to ensure meaningful communication to stakeholders and internal monitoring of progress annually.
Additionally, services include winter check-in in preparation for stakeholder engagement and needed changes to the existing plan that is responsive to the current local data.
Multiple levels of support and origination are offered.

Charter Oversight & AB130 Enhanced Services

For LEAs who fall within the 2-year automatic extension granted under AB130, the services will include monitoring authorizer relations and support with expected increased reporting requirements related to oversight.

The scope of specialized services can be tailored to the needs of the LEA.

Charter Renewal Support

Training for the School Board of Directors on charter oversight and the renewal process under AB1505
Educational partner engagement & advocacy plan
Regular consultation support and review of the petition draft(s)
Review the authorizer documentation and requirements governing the submission of the charter renewal petition.

Title 1

Provide guidance on the required elements for a SWP including formation of the School Site Council (SSC) and District/English Learner Advisory Committee (D/ELAC)*.

Annual review of current program for compliance with CDE compensatory education program review instrument.

Provide guidance/framework for establishing a compliant TAS program. Annual review of current program for compliance with CDE compensatory education program review instrument.

Governance and Stakeholder Engagement

Strengthen Your School or District's Governance and Community Engagement

CSMC offers a range of services to help schools and districts optimize their governance and stakeholder engagement. Our expert team can assist you with everything from retreat facilitation to compliance support.

Our goal is to help you build stronger teams, align resources, and achieve your goals.

Three diverse kids sitting laughing enjoying life
Calendar and agenda planning to keep stakeholders informed and engaged
Strategic guidance and planning to align resources and achieve goals
Training programs, including Brown Act compliance training, to ensure compliance and build capacity
Evaluation of executive leadership to enhance performance and drive results
Assistance with understanding student achievement data for strategic planning and improvement
Compliance support for School Site Council (SSC) and District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) requirements
Retreat facilitation to build stronger teams and improve decision-making

Expert Support Hours

Strategize with Confidence

Our expert support packages offer professional assistance in problem-solving and strategic planning.

These packages come in convenient 10-hour “blocks”, providing you with flexibility and control.