Empower your team with reliable payroll solutions.

At CSMC, we understand the importance of accurately compensating your hardworking team, which is why we offer comprehensive payroll services tailored to your specific needs.

Payroll Supervisors discussing CSMC payroll services

With CSMC’s Payroll Services, you can rest assured that your school’s payroll is accurate, efficient, and timely.
Our team of experienced professionals will handle every aspect of your payroll process, including:

Payroll Reporting:

Preparation and filing of all required payroll reports for submission to federal and state agencies.

Payroll and Retirement Audit Support:

Assistance with resolving payroll tax issues, federal and state reporting, and retirement agencies.

W-2 Processing:

Preparation of W-2 forms and year-end payroll reports.

Payroll Processing:

Calculation and processing of payroll and related payments/deductions for salaried and hourly employees.

Retirement Plan Administration:

Set up of State Retirement accounts and appropriate calculation, deductions, and payments to the agencies.

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Streamline Your Payroll Process with CSMC

Outsourcing your payroll services to CSMC means accurate, efficient, and reliable payroll processing such as:


Let us handle your payroll while you focus on your school's core mission and academic priorities.

Compliance assurance:

Stay up-to-date with complex payroll regulations and avoid costly penalties by relying on our knowledgeable experts.

Data security:

Protect your school's sensitive information with our secure and reliable payroll processing system.


We offer customized pricing based on your specific needs and budget.